Generation Faith Church

Apostle Jacqueline Tirado

Apostle Jacqueline Tirado is an International Preacher, Pastor, Chaplain, Author & Motivator. She has over 20 years of experience in leadership, evangelism and teaching. She possesses a Bachelor Degree in Sciences with multiple studies in Psychology and Counseling. She has traveled the nations preaching the gospel and flowing in the Prophetic office since she was 15 years old. Since the age of 15 years old, she has dedicated all her life teaching, developing and mentoring people. She specializes in restoring and equipping women’s identities in this generation. From 2005 she minister and travel the world as Evangelist with Credentials of IDDPMI.
In 2009 God activated it her into the apostolic ministry, along her husband she Founded “Generation of Faith Church” “The Place”. She is and Ordained Reverend and International Director of the “Spanish American International Chaplain Assosiation Inc.” Apostle Jacqueline was Ordained as a Minister of “Logos Global Network of Christian Ministries” on December of 2008. She is also a Recognize Minister of “Christians United for Israel”.
In 2013 along her husband Gerson Tirado was the recipient of the “Soaring Eagle Award” for “Outstanding Apostolic Leadership”. Also in 2013 along her husband she was nominated for the “Black Essence Award” for “Global Leadership” and selected as a part of “The Diverse Culture of Unique Individuals and an Elite Group of World Changers” honor in 2013. She Ministers on television at “Watchmen Broadcasting Network” and has been an invited guest speaker on TBN “Praise the Lord”. Along her husband have host multiple Radio programs. God has empowered her with a prophetic word of faith refreshing and motivating for this generation.
She is the Founder of JNT Ministries and Bellísima Woman’s Ministries; she is the Co-founder of “A Prophetic Voice in this Generation Ministries”, also the Co-founder of “Generation of Faith TV” and Co-founder of the Apostolic Network “Royal Generation”, which is composed of ministers, ministries and churches in the United States of America. Apostle Jacqueline was Recognized, Ordained, Designated, and Covered by Bishop Billie Bamberg. She was sent out to the apostolic ministry by Bishop in December 11, 2011. She possesses an impacting message of hope that empowers man and woman to fulfill their destiny. She is dedicated with love and compassion to helping people around the world. She is truly A Prophetic Voice in this Generation. She lives in Florida with her husband Gerson and her son Jason David.